Aura Photography in San Diego, California

What is an aura?

The energy field created by the interaction of protons, neutrons, and electrons in atoms encompasses everything in our world. For living beings, this energy field is believed to originate from the chakras—specific energy centers in the body tuned to distinct frequencies. To simplify, the aura represents the unique energy field surrounding each human, mirroring the colors associated with chakra frequencies. While some healers and mediums may claim to visually perceive auras, we assert that everyone can feel this essence—a vibe, the energy we project into the world. It serves as a dynamic reflection of our present state of consciousness, with varying chakra energy colors expressing different priorities at different stages in life.

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Why aura photography?

Embracing aura photography as a valuable addition to our "self-discovery tool kit," we appreciate its ability to visually represent the energy we usually sense intuitively. An aura photo vividly displays the current state of your energy, offering a wealth of self-information. It serves as a reference point, helping you gauge your position relative to your desired state or serving as a beautiful affirmation of your spiritual journey. Consider it a means to uncover your optimal self! We urge you to leverage this powerful tool to guide positive changes in your life.

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