Frequently Asked Questions

What if your mobile studio/photo booth does not match my event aesthetic?

We can customize a set up that will blend seamlessly with your event aesthetic.

Are aura readings and interpretations provided along with the aura photos?

Yes, they are. We have highly skilled team members who will provide the aura interpretations.

Can aura photography be done with a group or only individually?

It can be done as a group as well, multiple individuals are able to place part of their hand on the sensor.

Are aura photos printed immediately or provided digitally?

Aura photos are printed immediately. Digital versions of the aura photo is also available to be emailed or sent via text.

Can I share my aura photo on social media or with others?

Yes, we can email or text you the digital version of your aura photo for social media sharing.

How can aura photography enhance my event experience?

Aura photography can enhance your event experience by adding an intriguing and interactive element. It offers participants a unique opportunity to discover and explore their own energy and aura. By providing visual representations of their energetic fields, aura photography creates a sense of wonder and self-discovery. It can spark conversations, ignite curiosity, and promote meaningful connections among attendees. The experience of seeing their aura can be both entertaining and enlightening, leaving a lasting impression and making your event truly memorable.

Is aura photography suitable for all types of events?

A successful event activation should engage attendees, create a memorable experience, and leave a lasting impression. Research has shown that when we learn something new about ourselves, certain areas of our brain light up that are associated with pleasure. Aura photography can engage attendees, create a memorable experience and leave a lasting impression by providing individuals with new insights and discoveries about themselves. When people see their own aura captured in a photograph, it can be a visually stimulating and emotionally rewarding experience. The act of learning something new about their energy and unique aura colors activates the brain's pleasure centers, reinforcing positive emotions.

Why should I choose The Aura Journey mobile aura photography for my event?

What sets us apart from other aura photography companies is our exclusive focus on events. Our approach is simple, we don't strive to be everything to everyone, but rather, we prioritize being the absolute best for our event customers. We have a deep understanding of the dynamics and intricacies of events, allowing us to deliver a truly exceptional and successful experience. Trust us to bring our expertise and dedication to make your event a memorable and enchanting experience.

What is aura photography and how does it work?

An Aura is a cloud of colorful energy that surrounds all living things. Aura cameras use hand sensors to receive biofeedback measurements from pressure points on the hand and then translate this feedback into a photograph to give a visual representation of your Aura.

Are aura colors and patterns consistent or do they change?

Aura colors can change and fluctuate depending on various factors, including a person's emotional and energetic state. Emotional experiences, thoughts, physical health, and external influences can all contribute to these changes.

Is aura photography scientifically proven?

Please refer to our aura-blog for this answer.

How can I book aura photography for my event?

Follow this link. Looking forward to adding a unique and captivating element to your event.